Make My Download Speed Faster?

Make Your Download Speed Faster By Unblocking Your “Pipes”

You can think of the Internet as working a little bit like your bathroom sink. If you turn the cold water valve on all the way, then you’ll never get any hot water no matter how high far you twist the hot water valve. That’s because the opening the water comes out of in your sink is only so wide and only a limited amount of water can fit through it, even at high pressure, so the cold water blocks the hot water.

Your Internet connection can get blocked the same way. If you upload too much traffic, then there’s no space to download any traffic. You can make your download speed faster by limiting your upload bandwidth.

For example, in most BitTorrent programs there’s an upload bandwidth limit. If you set it to unlimited while uploading a popular torrent, you’ll quickly find your max upload speed. But, watch closely, your download speed will plummet the closer your get to your max upload speed.

Try setting your upload bandwidth limit to 90% or less of your max upload speed to make your download speed faster. This will ensure that the uploaded data gets out without blocking your downloads.

Also, programs such as World of Warcraft and Skype can slow your internet connection down.

Make Your Download Speed Faster

Make Your Download Speed Faster By Connecting To Multiple Servers

A lot of servers impose limits on their users, preventing them from downloading at maximum speed. You can make your download speed faster by downloading the same file from several different servers using a specialized download program such as GetRight.

GetRight or a similar program will start downloading a file and then go out and try to find other copies of that same file on different servers. Then it will download the file in several pieces at the same time. When it finishes downloading, it then assembles the whole file out of the pieces.

Using a program like GetRight can help you make your download speed faster by over 1,000% when servers impose severe download limits. It can also help you resume downloading a file after your download is interrupted, which helps you make your download speed faster by not downloading the same part of a file twice.

How To Make Your Download Speed Faster By Getting Better Service

Two things can severely limit your download speed: one is a slow Internet plan; the other is a problem with your Internet connection. You can deal with both of these things by calling your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and getting them to make your download speed faster.

If you’re on a slow Internet plan, consider upgrading. Often you can double your speed for a small price increase. If you use file-sharing programs like Limewire or BitTorrent, you’ll find there’s an extra bonus that comes with upgrading your Internet plan: a faster download plan also usually comes with faster upload bandwidth, and peer-to-peer networks often reward users who upload faster, so you can make your download speed faster by uploading faster.

But even if you don’t upgrade, make sure you’re getting all of the speed promised by your ISP. If you’re not, you’re probably suffering from one of the common home networking problems. For example, cable modems don’t perform as well when you connect them to the wall using long coax cables. To make your download speed faster, use a shorter cable.

If you’re not getting the speed your ISP promised, give them a call. Most ISPs provide free home service for problems, and their trained technicians can quickly find and fix problems in order to make your download speed faster.

Make Your Download Speed Faster By Removing Spyware

Free PC Matic ScanAlthough this problem isn’t your ISP’s fault, it can significantly slow down your Internet. The problem is spyware and viruses—these invade your computer and use its resources. Spyware in particular likes to frequently “call home” to report on what you’ve been doing lately, but each of those reports takes up part of your Internet bandwidth.

To make your download speed faster, you need to remove any spyware or viruses from your computer. Start by running a full scan in your anti-virus software. If that doesn’t find any spyware but your Internet connection is still running slower than normal, I suggest you use a free trial version of some competing anti-virus software. You can get a free scan from PC Matic, the all in one software package that has had rave reviews and top rating worldwide.

Turn Off Unnecessary Apps To Make Your Download Speed Faster

Do you listen to Internet radio or watch videos on YouTube while downloading? Media applications take up a lot more bandwidth than just reading pages on a typical website, so you should turn them off to make your download speed faster.

It’s especially important to turn off streaming media applications when you’re not using them. If you just mute your Internet radio player, it will keep downloading from the Internet even though you don’t hear anything. Make sure you pause it or (preferably) stop it to make your download speed faster.

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