5 Tips for Effective Resume Writing

Without a doubt, your chances of getting a good job depend on your having an effective resume ready to roll. But, how do you make sure your resume is first class?

Here we give you 5 tips to set you on the right track for writing your best resume ever:

  1.  Understand the resume’s purpose

A resume should not be merely a recount of boring facts that will make you seem desperate to find a job.

You should understand that the reason for being of a resume is to get you an interview, and it is THAT interview what will get you a job!

  1.  Support your strengths and traits

Every personal strength or trait you mention in your resume should be backed up by a practical life or work experience; otherwise, you will be just writing empty words.

  1.  Employ accurate keywords

The majority of companies have electronic databases to file and search for candidates. In this way, all they have to do is input a specific keyword and the applicants appear on screen.

Needless to say, if your resume does not contain the keywords for the position you are applying for, your resume will never come up.

Keywords are normally nouns that accurately describe the characteristics the employer is after.

  1.  Employ relevant titles

It takes 10 seconds for a recruiter to get an opinion about you through your resume. With this in mind, make sure the titles you use in your resume are effective and relevant, because these may be all the employer reads.

Make your titles descriptive to clearly convey the quality of your past work.

  1.  Proofread, and then proofread some more

You can never check your resume enough for grammar and spelling mistakes. Even one typo puts you at the end of a list of candidates.

We recommend you proofread it yourself at least twice, and then give it to another person -may be someone from your ESL class, your teacher, or a friend could help-to get it to proofread again.

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